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Introduction:- Arabic language is about 2000 year’s old language. It is categorized as classical language. It belongs to Semitic tribe of languages. Muslims, the second largest population of the world, consider it Holy Language as Qur’an, the constitutional book of Muslims, revealed in Arabic language. In 21st century when new languages, dialects are introduced and Old have vanished, Arabic Language still exists and flourishing. Globalization has proved the utility, significance of Arabic language in many walks of life. This article is a short attempt to demonstrate the importance of Arabic in 21st century. Keeping in mind the importance and significance of Arabic Language, Hon’able Dr. Mazhar Khan introduced Arabic Language in the Commerce and Science faculty from the beginning i.e. 2009.Hon’able Dr. Mazhar Khan also expressed his keen interest in enriching college library from classical, modern and reference books of Arabic Language.

To achieve the highest standards of academic excellence.
To impart quality education in Arabic Language and Literature. To explore the hidden treasure of Knowledge in thousands of manuscripts of the Indian scholars.

Focused and efficient training of the students to enable them to reach the height of their aspirations in
academic and professional fields.
To unveil the scientific and literary heritage of the Indo-Arab Literature through standard research.
This will further boost the cultural and economic relations with the Arab World.
To teach Arabic as a language of classical literature as well as a vital modern language with huge
potential of research and job opportunities.

Gols & Objective:-
1) To develop secular qualities among students.
2) To develop social qualities among students.
3) To develop Leadership qualities among students.
4) To develop aesthetic sense among students.
5) To develop reasoning and understanding abilities among students.

Scope and Importance :- Globalization made the world a global village. This had a very significant effect in all the aspects of life viz social, cultural, traditional and economical. As far as economic is concerned it had giving ample of opportunities to business growth, job opportunities etc. Opening doors to job opportunities have demanded requirement of new knowledge skills etc. Knowledge of foreign language is a plus point. Arabic too had centred in the race as Middle East has many Arabic speaking countries. This led to the overwhelming growth and demand of Arabic knowing persons. United Nations Organization (UNO) also has designated an International Day for Arabic language. The intention and aspirations of the International Forum by this historic declaration is expansion, development and popularity enhancement of this fast growing live language. December 18th is earmarked as the International Day for Arabic Language. Let’s try to explore the job and employment opportunities of Arabic language due to the impact of Globalization in 21st century.
Arabic as Subject and Discipline : Teaching is one of the most enjoyable and interesting field from ancient ages. Nowadays teaching field has rapidly grown up. Governments are taking initiatives for education and spending a huge amount for this task. India is spending billons of rupees on education. If we study the Arabic Education in the State of Kerala so we get cheering facts and figures. The study of Arabic is wide and vast in the state as it is taught in primary, secondary and higher secondary levels of education, in a good number of schools run by the government or by managements with government aid. About 12,000 teachers draw salaries from the government payroll payment system for teaching Arabic. In addition to the directly government and government-aided sectors many schools in the unaided sector teach Arabic in schools. Institutions having adequate facilities for Arabic education in the state, beginning from the degree level up to the Masters´ Degree and the Ph.D., include the University of Kerala, Trivandurm, Mahatma Gandhi College, Kottayam, Sri Sankaracharya Sanskrit University, Kaladi University the University of Calicut and the University of Kannur. In Kerala, there are twenty five Arabic Colleges affiliated to the Universities under the state government and eleven among them are either government or government-aided colleges. The rest are within the unaided sector. Colleges aided by the government enjoy recognition and grants of the University Grants Commission. All Arabic colleges teach English as a second language and hence the employment opportunity in-house and abroad is bright and fast-growing. In the present day scenario of Kerala, the learning of Arabic is not confined to any particular creed or community. Christians, Hindus and many non-Muslim community members are attracted to the study of the language with zeal and enthusiasm. The state education machinery’s policy and programs are favourable for spread of the Arabic language in the State and encouraging to the enthusiasts of this universal language. Translation & Interpretation: In the current globalization scenario, widespread job opportunities are available for People having knowledge of several languages and having good translation skills. The field of translation is rapidly growing field. In recent past, person knowing several languages could only involve in teaching profession. But, now have better prospects viz translation, documentation and preparing explanatory note. It is necessary for a translator to be excellent at least in two languages. It is easy to translate press notes, production tips, trading companies, factory letters and legal documents. But, it is difficult to translate business agreements, memorandum of understanding and documents related software, engineering. Translators need to have sound knowledge of various fields, and also have creative idea. There is also a good demand for interpreters. Translation companies also under take other works like, voice over, transcription and localization. Translation cannot be considered an easy task. There are several minute things to follow and it is time consuming. Interpretation and translation of some languages seems to be exhausting. Persons with good skill and experience in Translation can earn around Rs 500 per page. Interpreters can earn about Rs 2000/- in half a day. In this field, quality plays an important role. Customers do not accept poor quality translations. Translation job would provide a good future if One is proficient in language. Mass Communication: Media and mass communication is one of the fastest growing industries in India and world. It plays a vital role in the development of any nation and country. In India Media is considered as one of the basic pillars of democracy. The advances in communication technology have helped the industry to extend their reach beyond their home markets. Geographical distance and difference in time zone is now no obstacle. However, one obstacle remains and that is the inability to correspond with people who have no proficiency except in mother tongue. Earlier media and news channels used to focus native place and nation. Later on companies have realized that if they want to survive in the foreign markets it is crucial to know their languages. Knowing the foreign language is not merely to translate but more important it is a tool for understanding of foreign culture and civilization. Media and Mass Communication industry has several opportunities for a person who is excellent in foreign language. As a reporter, news reader, columnist, anchor etc. In last few years it was observed that Non-Arabs were appointed by the leading media agencies for broadcasting the news and matters of Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, and Tunis, Syria. Tourism and Hospitality: Hospitality is considered as pious and virtues thing in most of the religions. In Hinduism the guest is considered as God, Athiti Deva Bhava. Globalization also increased the importance of hospitality. Tourism plays a vital role in economical development of any country. India is among the richest county in historical monuments and natural places. According to Purnima Garg (Director of the Chinese Language Institute, Delhi) “the economies of the world are integrating, which has increased leisure and business travel. This increased need demands the learning of foreign languages.” (As cited on Rachna Aggarwal, a Japanese interpreter, says “tour operators have a specific demand for professionals who can cater to the needs of visitors coming from non-English countries, especially from Japan, China, and other East Asian countries.” (As cited on Pushpa Sharma, Director-PR of Institute Hispania, mentions that “learning foreign language increases chances of getting admission to foreign universities, helps in making travel more feasible, in gaining a broad outlook of international culture and music, and sharpens cognitive skills.”(As cited on Call centres & IT: One of the fastest growing and emerging industries in India today is the Call Centers and IT industry. According to a study conducted by international research company Evalueserve, there will be a potential demand for over 160,000 foreign language professionals in the Indian off shoring (IT, BPO and KPO) industry by 2010. These professionals are required to address the demand for language-sensitive work that can potentially be offshore from continental Europe and the Far East. The Evalueserve study estimates that the total addressable market for language-sensitive work will be worth USD 14.4 billion by 2010. ( While the IT industry will account for nearly 50% of this demand, the BPO and KPO segment are expected to account for the remaining 50%. Further, this growing demand for language-sensitive work will have a positive impact on the Indian economy, as it is expected to create a multiplier effect on the job market for Indians. According to the report, for every one job created for a foreign language professional, two new jobs will be created for Indian English-speaking professionals. The languages in demand are Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Arabic. These foreign language professionals are needed by the IT and offshoring industry, primarily for jobs involving collection of information; and working on foreign language documents, voice-based tasks, training, transaction and migration processes, quality management or any other document outputs. This trend of "reverse brain gain" has already started, with companies like Evalueserve, Progeon, Tecnovate, and EXL already recruiting many foreign professionals. Conclusion: From the above discussion it crystal clear that apart from the holiness and dignity of the Arabic language, it still exist and beneficial for entire globe. Globalization has opened the doors of employment and golden opportunities for those are well versed with any growing foreign language like Arabic. Keeping this importance and widely acceptance of Arabic in mind Arabic is being taught all around the globe with lots of enthusiasm and interest.

Future Plan of the Department :- The Department envisages achieving the following in future. • Introducing Diploma and Certificate Courses of translation, calligraphy and Persian. • Establishing Research Centre in Arabic. • Organizing National and International Seminars, workshops and Conferences. • Establishing Language Laboratory. • Establishing Arabic Museum. • Enriching library with rare books, references books and manuscripts. • Enriching library with audio and visual aids. • Conducting gust lectures on various topics.

2) Faculty Profile


Dr.Khalil Ahmed


(M.A, N.E.T., B.Ed., Ph.D.(Reg.) (Arabic)
Dept. of Arabic Kohinoor College Khultabad, Aurangabad

3) Programs & Courses offered

Bachelor of Science

Kohinoor Arts Commerce And Science College Khuldabad Dist.Aurangabad

F.Y (S.L) Prose, Translation and Grammar

S.Y (S.L) Poetry, Letter Writing & Modern Technology

Establishment :- 2008

Bachelor of Commerce

Kohinoor Arts Commerce And Science College Khuldabad Dist.Aurangabad

F.Y (S.L) Modern Prose

S.Y (S.L) Modern Poetry

Establishment :- 2008

4) Syllabus

Download Syllabus for B.Sc,B.Com,B.A Arabic

5) Activities and Achievements

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