Department of Home Science

Introduction:- A Plan of teaching Home Science must begin with an understanding of the discipline of home science what is needed is a simple, direct explanation of the relevance and significance of Home Science in the modern context. People often ask how Home Science is associated with the home. This question brings out the basic premises upon which the discipline of Home Science is built. The science and enrichment of human relationships through the development and judicious use of all available human and material resources to achieve a maximal satisfying life for all members of the family. Home Science education prepares youth for the greatest of all vacation Home making. It for several Professions-teaching, nursing, dietetics, research, welfare, management, art application, extension work and communication. There are several ways of managing homes. Men as well as women have played the roles of breadwinners and homemakers. It has become necessary for men to share housework, to enable women as professional persons to contribute to the nation. It advocates that Home is a place for development of both sexes through equal opportunities. The personal and professional development of both sexes is possible within the home. The roles and norms for both sexes pertain to their personal and professional lives. Therefore the imbalance between the roles of man and woman must be avoided. The single dimensional role of woman as a home maker produce constraints for women’s development society and individuals have changed and therefore the womens lopsided role of a home maker needs to be fused with professional roles. All knowledge applied are fundamental, which can be used to liberate women and men from undue pressure within and without the home is the content of Home Science. The goal of Home Science education is to help each individual to live more useful and satisfying personal, family and community life. General educations aims at the all-round development of individuals to enable them to take their places in society as effective members. In the development of their abilities, emphasis is placed on personal development for living in a social group. The functional philosophy of education calls for “Preparation for living through living.” Home Science helps to fulfill these purposes in a unique way. It helps pupils to develop a point of view that challenges them to explore how to live together happily in their families, other social groups and communities. Home Science aims to achieve family happiness, raise its moral standards and improves its economic conditions and these objectives are to be achieved by fully allowing the man as well as the women to develop personally and professionally. Home is a place where life begins and school is the place where formal education begins. Hence what has been generated at home can be further enriched at school. Following are the reasons for introducing Home Science at secondary school level. i. Secondary stage of education is the stage where young learners become of educable age and are sensitively aware of homes and families and are in need of emotional security, acceptance and feelings of belongingness. The study of home science can strengthen this emotional securities develop commitment and loyalty to the family. ii. This provides the opportunities to students to identify themselves in their own family, community and nation through identifying their responsibilities, roles and resources. iii. The formation of habits and practices regarding eating, health, cleanliness, home making, dressing, parts of the body and sex, different stages in life etc. are imparted in the school through this course. iv. All skills required by individuals to communicated possible only through Home Science. v. Many boys and girls take interest in interior designing, architectural work, stitching, cooking etc. and Home Science will help these students in fulfilling their desires. vi. Many are compelled to terminate their formal education at the secondary stage. A course in Home Science ensures that students can take up many careers even at this age, since they are well equipped with information needed for this. vii. Students with an inclination for service to the needy can do community work to the best of their abilities, since Home Science gives them the opportunity to use varied extension methods and audio/visual aids. viii. Home Science in a well-expanded discipline at college and university level, students, passing out from higher secondary levels can opt for specialization offered. Having understood the concept of Home Science let us look into the origin of Home Science in India and the beginning of the Home Science association of India.

Establishment :- (UG-2000) Kohinoor Education Society is the educational Institutes is Marathwada Region. Kohinoor Education Society was established in the year 1992 with the main aim of inculcating the desire for knowledge in the minds of rural students. our college is a branch of Kohinoor Education Society. The foundation of Kohinoor college of Arts in 2000 was nothing but a zealous attempt to provide light of knowledge to those who has been suffering in the darkness of ignorance. The institute began with the motto of “Education is that which liberates” keeping in mind the success ratio of the college, the Government of Maharashtra allotted 25% grant in 2003-2004 & 50% grant in 2004-2005 Hon’ble Dr. Mazhar Khan unanimously elected as the secretary of Kohinoor Education Society in 2007. The Institute got minority. Recognition by Maharashtra Government on 29th June 2007 & 100% grant in 2008. Hon’ble Dr. Mazhar Khan attempts brought permission of Science and Commerce faculty in 2008. within a short span of years this college has established its reputation for academic excellence. Honble Dr. Mazhar Khan purchased land in 2009 for rich infrastructural facilities and the potential for further growth. The building is competent enough to provide all the necessities like rich library, highly configured computer lab, well equipped science laboratories, conference hall and auditorium. Today the Kohinoor college is one of the few colleges in Marathwada which offer an array of subjects in the Art's, Commerce and Science streams. The students of Kohinoor College are from nearly every ethnic, religious and social group. Our extremely diverse student's body is our strength and source of pride contributing to an open learning environment. Although it is a rural college, it is one of the leading college of Marathwada regions not lagging behind in its missionary work and achieving goals & objectives through curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Vision:- Train young girls to build up ideal families and motivate them to become agents of social change by stimulating their creative faculties, powers of resoning and reflection.

Mission:- The mission of the faculty is to enhance the standard of individuals in general & rural families in particular through teaching research & extension activities. The main focus is on empowerment of woman, girls & child in rural & urban households through self-employments which would help them to become better resource managers & contribute towards rural development. The mission is translated into action with the following objectives.

Facilities of Home Science Department

  • 1) Nutrition, Textile & Clothing, Arts & Design's Practical's Equipment etc.
  • 2) Subject related all books available
  • 3) Family problems counselor
  • 4) M.P.S.C./U.P.S.C./ NET /SET exam counselor.
History of Home Science in India :- The teaching of Home Science in India has a short history. Between 1920 to 1940, under the British administration Home Science referred to as domestic introduced in some schools & colleges. The princely introduce Home Science in secondary school. The history of Home Science at college & University was made in 1932 at Delhi, in lady Irwin College. Then in 1938 Madras University accepted Home Science at the degree level and the well-known & pioneering Home Science colleges Chennai are the Queen Mary's college and the women's Christian college, which appeared in the Indian horizon in 1942. The Avinashilingam Home Science college Coimbatore headed by Dr. Rajammal P. Devadas contributed greatly towards the expansion of this interdisciplinary course at various levels, starting from school to Ph.D. The Agricultural institute of Allahabad had also started a Home Science Diploma course in 1935 and it became a University level Department in 1945. Other outstanding Home Science colleges, which have developed since 1950, are universities at Coimbatore Ludhiana, Bombay, Udaipur & Tirupati, Then in mid-1960 to 1970's agricultural University recognized the need for teaching Home Science.
Role of Home Science: National integration is a mental attitude based on a feeling of oneness, common ideals of life and a common code of behavior. In India, one finds marked differences in the living standards, dress, customs, religion, dietary habits, culture etc of the various people living in different parts. Regionalism, linguism, casteism, communalism etc. are the disruptive influences, which have divided Indian society into various groups. In this context it is the duty of the parents and teachers to inform the child to appreciate in definite and positive terms the faith, customs, manners and practices of all persons belonging to religions, language, regions other than his own. The family is the primary socializing groups in society. It exerts the most fundamental and profound influence on every human being. Not only does it influence the child's basic personality but it also introduces him to the mores and values of the larger culture. In it lie the tremendous socio-Psychological forces, which determine the behavior of the child for good or for evil. Similarly when the child enters school, the teachers and peer groups have a great influence on the child’s outlook. In this context Home Science plays an important role in moulding the child’s character and widening his thoughts, ideas, feelings etc. both at home and in school. Similarly a child gets to interact with people outside our country. This happens when she/he moves to foreign countries for studies, work etc. or after marriage or on exchange programs. Due to advancement in technology and communication, there is so much of influence and impact from other advanced countries, media plays an important role in this. Mothers & teachers are responsible in directing the child to the right path in guiding him/her to choose the best of what is provided for him/her and ignore the rest. Life cannot be sustained without adequate nourishment, good health, protective environment, good housing, managerial resources, communication skills, high literacy levels and aspirations, All these are essential for national development. Home Science is an internal course which builds an individual with all these qualities and there by aims at development of individuals, his family the community and the nation in large. Home Science also encourages children to participate in community extension activities and thereby make them realize their commitment to their society and less privileged & school dropouts in rural & urban areas. One of the major roles played by Home Science in an individual's life is to make her/him to realize the need for extending the knowledge gained though formal education. Hence we need to understand the meaning of extension education & the methods of non-formal teaching.

Department Goals & Objectives of Home Science:
  • 1) To promote all round development of all individuals in the home.
  • 2) To assist individuals in the effective use of the available resources in solving their day to day problem.
  • 3) To strengthen skills& potentials of students through scientific principles, knowledge & experience acquired for optimum living.
  • 4) To foster development of students towards innovative research to augment the quality of life of family, community & industry in the challenging life scenario.
  • 5) To enable development of entrepreneurial skills at various levels.
  • 6) To instill appreciation for rural life, its problems & channel relevant mechanisms for progress.
  • 7) To strengthen the work of the government and non-governmental agencies in the providing all round development of individuals through
Characteristics of Home Science :- 1) It is multidisciplinary approach: It derives its boy of knowledge from all sciences like physics, chemistry, physiology, nutrition and health, child development, textile & clothing & also includes management, sociology, psychology, communication etc. 2) It is actions oriented : Home Science extension refers to a series of activities which impart knowledge on selected topics & help the target group to develop necessary skills for its application,. Home Science extension education aims at actions & Results. 3) It empowers women & youth: In order to improve the economics status this is essential. These technical advances are shared & they are made to work independently with better status in the community. 4) It is two way process: Home Science extension establishes a two way communication channel by bridging the gap between centers of higher education & research & the beneficiaries similarly the need & problem of the people are communicated to specialists who in turn find solution to these & that is passed on through field workers.

Importance of Home Science :- Home Science education is worth life education” from time immoral down the ages of civilization, “Home & family” has been the core of all human development & the emotional & spiritual needs of the members, the home gives meaning to life refines the life of citizen leading to life refines the life building a healthy & developed country. Home Science can be defined as “Education for better living”. It explores the possibility of the establishment of the perfections in the social orders starting from the home life to the community level on the whole; the goals of Home Science can be spell out as “For prosperous living & achieving the highest happiness.” Home Science is a dynamic & ever growing field of education. It is an applied field built upon both the discipline of science and humanities for the purpose of achieving the welfare and wellbeing of the family in an ever changing society. It is the education for “better living” and the care of this education is the “family ecosystem”. It is the study of reciprocal relations between the family and its natural and manmade environments. Significance of Home Science education the development of Home Science education reflects social pressures that are evident around the turn of the century. It is a need based, professionally oriented education to assist family & community towards improved living. In the context of growing pressures in the work environment & external world, the family assumes a significant role in shaping the citizens of tomorrow. The family is the main factor which protects the individuals from all external forces & provides the right type of atmosphere for children to grow into strong & independent personalities.

Scope of Home Science :- According to the layman, Home Science is a subject about household chores meant to be studied by girls only. Actually Home Science is a well-developed discipline of study. It does not limit itself to the mastery of home related skills of cooking, laundry, decoration, stitching etc. Being fairly broad based, a closer look will just for taking care of their homes & family, but also prepare them for a large variety of self-employment. Home Science is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge with focus on food development, Resource management and communication a large numbers of employment opportunities & avenues both by the way of wage employment. Wage employment means that one works for another person or organization & receive wages or salary for services. Self-employment means that the individual is the owner of the enterprise. Lets us now take a look at the various job opportunities available under each of the vocational areas related to Home Science.

Future plan of Home Science Department :- 1) To organize seminars and guest lecture on specific field. Seminars & guest lecturers were organized. 2) To conduct a group discussion on the subject "women development in the role of media & to arrange a Both competition was successfully conducted & this activity development deep knowledge about competition on Hindi Poetry. 3) To celebrate nutrition weal & to arrange Rangoli demonstration & making of flower bouquets by Home Science department. 4) Nutrition week was celebrated by arising different completion students developed skill in Rangoli & bouquet making.

2) Faculty Profile


Dr. Manisha Pandurang Wanjari

Assit. Prof.

M.A., B.Ed.,M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dept. of Home Science Kohinoor College Khultabad, Aurangabad

Faculty Progress :-

Our faculty member actively participated in Inter-National, National, State and Regional level’s seminars, conference and workshops. Our faculty member actively engaged in the development of department & college as various committees of Kohinoor Art's, Commerce & Science College, Khultabad. As a member of various committees also take part in the development of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.

3) Programs & Courses offered

Bachelor of Arts

Home Science, Kohinoor Arts Commerce And Science College Khuldabad Dist.Aurangabad

Duration:- THREE YEARS

Establishment :- 2000

5) Activities and Achievements