Department of Physics

Introduction :- Kohinoor Education Society was established in the year 1992 by an eminent Educationalist and a politician Late. Mr. Idris Khan. He was appointed as joint secretary Aurangabad city district Congress Committee and member of Central Railway Board, Govt. of India in the year 1994. He held that office upto 05 November 2003 and left no stone unturned while performing that job. Honble Dr. Mazhar Khan attempts brought permission of Science and Commerce faculty in the year 2008, with a focused objective of bringing about intellectual awakening of people and for preparing manpower capable of contributing effectively towards national development. Physics Department of Kohinoor College is marching towards excellence under the direction of Honble Dr. Mazahar Khan, the Secretary of the Institute. Especially during the last few years the Department has swiftly moved forward in terms teaching and research work, well equipped laboratory, promising students and learning resources.

Vision :- To thrive for the truth of nature in terms of agreement of theory with practice and stand firm even if ideas fail till new notions are formed. Physics portraits the landscape of life and this department look forward to explore the physics lying beneath our observations.

Mission :- The mission of this department is to teach and learn physics in a collaborative, performance based pathway; we ; look to encourage the students towards observation and analysis of the natural world and to provide the tools and skills to the students to be torch bearers of physics by contributing effectively to the existing laws to nature.

Quality Policy :- Quality education along with all round development in a congenial atmosphere tapping all possible resources and through tailor made systems.Turning out competent graduates and post graduates to cater current job requirements at national and international level. Continual up gradation of facilities and human resources with a commitment to strive for continual improvement for the benefit of the students, faculty and staff. Continuous review and up gradation of existing systems leading to further improvement in the quality of students. Faculty and staff.

Quality Objectives :-

  • At least on student from each discipline should appear in the merit list of the university.
  • 100% results in all subjects.
  • At least 30% placement in each discipline in every academic year.
  • Minimum 66% marks to be secured by every student.
  • Publication of minimum 5 research paper in every academic year.
  • Minimum 12 industrial visits in every academic year.
Future plan :- Development of excellent Laboratories and library facilities to get quality education in the field of environment. To start post graduate course M.Sc. in environmental science To act as a research centre specially in environmental impact assessment, environmental health, waste water treatment and recycling, solid waste management.

Over all view of the Department :-
  • Majority students hail from minority community.
  • Students from all categories and background.
  • Students from Science stream.
  • Girls students about 60 to 65 % .
  • Students form second class to distinction
Socio Economic Status
  • Weaker sections
  • Middle class and farmer families
  • Doing part time job and learning
Scope and Importance :- Physics is the branch of science that deals with the study of natural phenomena in terms of basic laws and physics. The scope of physics is divided in to two major domains, Macroscopic and microscopic. The macroscopic domain deals with phenomena at Laboratory, realistic, terrestrial and astronomical scale, where as the Microscopic domain deals with molecule, atomic and nuclear phenomena. Physics is closely connected to technology and society. Most of the modern technologies are contribution from the realm of physics and work on one or the other scientific principle, these contributions come from all over the world, through observation. Experimentation or analysis of Natural phenomena and the rules or laws that govern such phenomena.

Future Plans
  • To Organize National/State level seminar/ Conferences/ workshops and to improve the result.
  • Establishment of Department-Industry collaboration.
  • To start Consultancy Services to the society, industries etc.
  • To obtain different (Major\Manor) research projects for the academic & infrastructural development of the Department.
  • Collaboration with National Institutions.
  • Establishment of Placement Cell in Department

2) Faculty Profile


Dr. Patil Balwan Udaybhanrao

Assistant Professor and Head

(M.Sc. B.Ed. M.Phil, Ph.D. Physics)
Dept. of Physics Kohinoor College Khultabad, Aurangabad.


Mr. Md. Khizar Syed

Assistant Professor

(M.Sc. M.Phil, Physics)
Dept. of Physics Kohinoor College Khultabad, Aurangabad.

3) Programs & Courses offered

Bachelor of Science

Kohinoor Arts Commerce And Science College Khuldabad Dist.Aurangabad

Duration:- THREE YEARS

Establishment :- 2008

Master of Science

Kohinoor Arts Commerce And Science College Khuldabad Dist.Aurangabad

Duration:- TWO YEARS

Establishment :- 2014

4) Syllabus

Download Syllabus for B.Sc Physics
Download Syllabus for M.Sc Physics

5) Activities and Achievements